Legends of the Demon Shapeshifters: Cherry Jewel

Is it possible to fall in love at first sight even if your crush is… a ghost? Andean is changing, but into what? Every time she tries to get answers, she is met with closed doors or riddles. But when she goes in search of the father she never knew, she meets a mysterious young man through the magic of a dragon orb. As well … Continue reading Legends of the Demon Shapeshifters: Cherry Jewel

Obon Odori: the Dance of the Dead (Japanese Festival)

Drum Tower In the village square, Chinese lanterns and fireflies cast a ghostly glow over the tightly packed shops and houses along the narrow avenue. The sound of clapping hands and beating drums draw you toward a drum tower, situated just below the elevated train station. Atop it, men and boys, dressed in dragon coats, with matching scarves tied around their heads, slam mallets against the sides … Continue reading Obon Odori: the Dance of the Dead (Japanese Festival)

Watasumi Sanjin: Legendary Dragon

Monument of the Legend of Izumi Kotaro in the Omachi Dam lakeside park.                   (See larger image at this link.) http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bestand:Izumi_Kotaro_statue_in_Lake_Ryujin.jpg Dragons are big news in Japan and have been so for a very long time. The most ancient of them all is Watasumi Sanjin, also known as Ryujin, who ruled the upper, middle and lower sea. Named the “Great Watatsumi  (sea) god” in the Kojiki, the oldest … Continue reading Watasumi Sanjin: Legendary Dragon

Susanoo: Japanese God of Storm & Seas

Not only is  Susanoo the god of storm and seas, he is also the ruler of Yomi, the underworld where the dead go. He is the younger brother of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun and Tsukiyomi, the god of the moon. All three were born when Izanagi washed his face after traveling to Yomi in search of his dead wife. Susanoo came about when … Continue reading Susanoo: Japanese God of Storm & Seas

Dragons of the Orient “Hengeyokai” Shape-shifters

The awesome Dragon of the orient is sacred, beautiful, and blessed with infinite wisdom and vast knowledge. They are playful by nature, but also have the capacity to destroy entire cities with one swipe of their mighty claws and terrifying magic. They are associated with wealth, water and wisdom. All humans desire wealth, whether they admit to it or not. Water is necessary to sustain life on Earth, and wisdom is … Continue reading Dragons of the Orient “Hengeyokai” Shape-shifters